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Hillary Clinton Campaign Emails From Wikileaks Says That Lena Dunham is Like "Nails On A Chalkboard"

Even Hillary Clinton hates this Mouthy Potato! Even the Democratic Party thinks the Bag Of Milk has gotta go. So it begs the question – who actually likes Lena Dunham? I dont think theres any actual Lena Dunham fans. Shes like the Big Bang Theory of humans. Do you know anyone that actually watches that show? No. But somehow its still number 1 in the ratings. Thats the same thing as Lena Dunham. Shes on TV and always being interviewed and shit but nobody actually likes her. I am willing to bet there’s not a single person alive that would be like “I am a Lena Dunham fan.” You might follow her on twitter. You might even like “Girls.” But you dont like Lena Dunham. You know why? Because she fingered her sister. Thats why. Or that should be the reason why. I can appreciate the Nails On A Chalkboard analogy. Personally I prefer these descriptions:

But ultimately you should not like Lena Dunham because she fingered her sister when she was a child and then falsely accused someone of rape.