Trebek Puts Some Poor Chick In A BODYBAG During Her Personal Story

Alex Trebek you are cold! As cold as ice! Let me get this straight…you make hip hop songs about how you cant get laid? Nerdcore Hip Hop huh? Sounds more like a LOSER to me. Trebek could probably make regular old hardcore hip hop songs with the life he leads. Stories about bangin bitches and making fat stacks of cash. Let these fucking dorks rap about science fiction and math problems. I’ll be the guy spitting rhymes about chicks blowing me underneath my Jeopardy podium.

Its your boy Trebek, no other host can push me, answer in the form of a question or I’ll grab you by the pussy

Fuck a Sajak, I dont need no Vanna White, 25 years up on this stage spittin wrong and right

I’m a fuckin super star, you couldnt see me with the Hubble… Take these hoes 2 at a time…make it a true Daily Double

Meanwhile I bet Sajak is out there rapping about being in the friend zone with Vanna with all these other Jeopardy nerds. Trebek…the Greatest Of All Time

I bet that little