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2 Arrested In Brawl Over Game Prizes At Lincoln Park Chuck E. Cheese



CHICAGO —  Two people were arrested after getting into a brawl Sunday night while waiting in line for prizes at Lincoln Park’s Chuck E. Cheese, police said. Police responded to a call of a large group of people fighting at the kids entertainment center in the 1800 block of West Fullerton Avenue about 7:10 p.m., said Officer Jose Estrada, a Chicago Police Department spokesman. The fight was prompted by a disagreement among patrons waiting in line to redeem tickets for game prizes, Estrada said.

Three adults suffered minor injuries but were not taken to hospitals, he said. Arrested were Shambreya Barfield, 21, of the 3800 block of Broadway and Trevell Washington, also 21, of the 2100 block of West Monroe Street. Barfield was charged with one count of misdemeanor battery, and Washington was charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery, Estrada said.



First of all. Who the fuck goes to Chuck E. Cheese? You go to whirlyball or Dave and Busters. If you have to take your shitty kids around all day you might as well get drunk no? Straight up Amateur hour going to Chuck E. Cheese. Second, I actually understand this fight. You spend all day playing Skee Ball and air hockey, collecting your tickets for that sweet ass spongebob square pants stuffed animal only to get cut in line at the last second. That’s brutal, and if it happens to you you really have no choice but to start punching people. Who cares if it’s a kid’s arcade and adults should probably learn how to act like adults. Sometimes you just have to keep it real, and one of those times is when people are messing with your Chuck E. Cheese tickets. It’s like being robbed, only 100 times worse because those tickets are literally priceless.