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Anthony Bennett Telling Nets Fans Not To Watch Nets Games This Season Is As Funny As It Is True

I honestly don’t know if that was a Freudian slip or just another log on the “Anthony Bennett is the worst number 1 pick ever” bonfire that can be seen from the moon because he can’t even read off a cue card correctly. Either way, it’s another L for the forgotten part of the Kevin Love-Andrew Wiggins trade. As a Knicks fan, there are not many times I can laugh at a franchise’s state of disarray. But the Nets currently fit the bill to a tee. No short term or long term prospects to look forward to as the luster of the Barclays Center being newish slowly vanishes.

So if I may, I would like to give the Nets a better slogan to use in order to attract viewers for the upcoming season. Something along the lines of “This is Anthony Bennett of the Brooklyn Nets. Don’t watch us play this season unless you are a Celtics fan that wants to see your team’s chances of getting the number one pick go through the roof.” I guarantee there’s a half dozen or so guys in Barstool HQ alone that are at least kinda happy the Nets are now on local television.

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