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Google Engineer Takes 150 Vitamins A Day And Says He Has Figured Out The Solution To Living Forever



(Source) Google engineering director and futurist Ray Kurzweil believes we are close to realizing everlasting life and is dead-set on getting us there. The inventor and noted author believes the key to such a scientific breakthrough is a system of ‘bridges’ that enable the body to move from strength to strength over time. The youthful 65-year-old currently takes 150 supplements a day, which he argues if the first bridge. The idea is to build enough bridges to ensure the body holds out long enough for life-lengthening technology to come into its own. He has likened the biology of the body to computer software and believes we are all ‘out of date’.

In an interview with Canadian magazine Maclean’s, Kurzweil says he hopes the supplements will keep him healthy enough to reach the ‘nanotech revolution’. ‘I can never say, “I’ve done it, I’ve lived forever,” because it’s never forever,’ he said. ‘We’re really talking about being on a path that will get us to the next point. ‘Bridge one: Stay as healthy as possible with diet and exercise and current medicine. ‘The goal is to get to bridge two. ‘Bridge two (is) the biotechnology revolution, where we can reprogram biology away from disease

And that is not the end-all either. ‘Bridge three is to go beyond biology, to the nanotechnology revolution. ‘At that point we can have little robots, sometimes called nanobots, that augment your immune system. ‘We can create an immune system that recognizes all disease, and if a new disease emerged, it could be reprogrammed to deal with new pathogens.’ Such robots, according to Kurzweil, will help fight diseases, improve health and allow people to remain active for longer.



Ooh, ooh, Ray. I have a question. Me, over here!


Umm, yeah, so what happens if you miss Bridge One because you spent your entire life eating like shit, drinking too much, not exercising and basically being a worthless bag of shit. Is there like a 2 week Bridge One thing I can do? Like a Live Forever Cliff Notes? Just swallow a ton of pills and do a million push ups and catch up. Because that’s what I, and everyone I have ever met, needs.


Honestly, how fucking nuts is this guy though? Hey Ray, YOLO, ever heard of it? Like I don’t want to bash your whole bridge technology theory, believe in whatever you want, but what happens when you spend your entire life living like a choir boy, guzzling pills and mentally preparing for your bridge moment then you get hit by a bus crossing the street? Or just drop dead at 70 out of nowhere? Do we have a contingency plan for that? Because it seems to me your whole living forever thing has a few holes in it. Like you can’t just say “I’m going to live until they figure out how you can live forever and then I’m going to do that”. That’s fucking crazy. That sounds like something I would say because I’m an irrationally confident moron. I’m a dumb person Ray, you’re a Google engineer. Act like it. You’re going to die, enjoy it while it lasts.




Sick ring game dude.