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All About These Smokeshow Twins Harping Out To Video Game Tunes

I don’t care if these chicks have been around forever. I think I just blew my load and I wasn’t even loaded. 2 twin smokes just rocking out all ladylike to video game tunes while eye-fucking each other like crazy in the middle of nowhere. How much better could my life get if these two were in it? Those delightful fingers are primed for massages, reach-arounds, and sandwich making. They need to stop strumming their shit in random places alone when they can be doing it by the N64 in the office while they’re dressed as how I would imagine a life-size/human/not annoying as shit Navi would be from the Ocarina of Time. They’ve already passed first test of being cool as shit for a girl: Video Game Acceptance. If either one can be apathetic about booze and gambling than that’s A+ marriage material.

Also, after some investigative reporting on these broads I found they had a wikipedia page where there’s this:

They are also third degree black belts in Taekwondo, and former Tae Kwon Do instructors. The twins are also Distinguished Experts in rifle marksmanship and were competitive swimmers for many years.

Harp-playing-video-game-loving-black-belt-gun-toting-athletic-blonde-twin-smokeshows. Only in America. Or wherever the hell they’re from.