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SportsCenter's Top-10 List Of Papi's Best Moments Is An F-

Dude what in the hell is that list? Final All Star Game? His home run derby from the minor leagues that ARod and Ken Griffey played in? His fucking 35th home run of this season was more memorable than his grand slam vs. the Tigers that absolutely saved the 2013 Red Sox and propelled them to the World Series? What are you NUTS? I hate getting worked up about shit like this but honestly this list is so bad that I feel like it’s trolling. That they actively tried to make a bad one so it catches the eye and goes viral, like a business hanging a sign upside down or some bullshit. I mean I’d have to actually rack my brain to come up with some of this shit while actively ignoring genuinely memorable moments. Tigers has to be top 3. Basically every at bat from 2004: Angels walk-off in the ALDS, game 4 vs Yankees, game 5 vs Yankees, game 7 vs Yankees. You need his dugout pep talk in 2013. ALL of that shit has to be ahead of trash like his last All Star game and an impromptu home run derby in the minors. I’m disappointed that I’m hot over this, but I am. Don’t feed me stupid memories the day after my hero retires. Honor him properly.