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Brandon Meriweather Was Joking In The Locker Room After Head Hunting Someone For The 10,000 Time




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How the fuck is Brandon Meriweather still in the league? That’s an honest question. How is a guy who head hunts every single weekend still allowed to head hunt every single weekend? Brandon Marshall said it after the game, the League needs to figure out what to do with Meriweather because clearly the current system means nothing to him. Fines aren’t even a slap on the wrist for Meriweather at this point. He doesn’t give a fuck. He’s laughing about it after the game like it’s just part of the business. And I’m not saying all this just because it was against the Bears either, I said the exact same thing when he did this to Eddy Lacy, and I felt the exact same way when he was actually on the Bears, getting weekly penalties because he was trying to knock people out.
Look, I understand that football is a violent game. I tend to put myself somewhere in the middle of the concussion issue. I’m not one of those over-reactionary guys that says football will be non-existent in 25 years but I’m also not a meathead that thinks “Football is football and there’s nothing you can do”. Concussion issues are real. The league needs to figure out how to protect it’s players going forward, and the first step is to never let Brandon Meriweather play football again. Either that or suspend him until he figures it out. Big hits are one thing, incidental helmet to helmet hits happen, sometimes its completely unavoidable, but if you think what Brandon Meriweather does is accidental or just part of the game then you’re a moron. It doesn’t happen every single week by accident, Meriweather is a jackass plain and simple. The guy simply doesn’t get it.