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Todd Bowles Just Turned In The Worst Coaching Performance I Think I've Ever Seen

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Listen the Jets are not a good football team. Their quarterback sucks. Their secondary is putrid. Their defensive line is good but its not great the way it appears on paper. At the end of the day players need to perform and they are not.

But what I saw from Todd Bowles today was so atrocious I almost cant even begin to understand what happened. Completely unwinnable challenges. Punting in the 4th quarter down 11 when your defense couldnt stop a nosebleed. Calling a time out when the clock was already stopped only to come out of it and allow a wide open touchdown. Theres bad coaching and then theres coaching that makes you say “is this the first football game this guy has ever watched?” Thats the sort of coaching we got from Todd Bowles today. Shit that makes you scratch your head because you literally cannot even understand what was going through his brain.

And on top of all that sort of nonsense, we see the same mistakes and failures for the 5th week in a row. Busted coverage AGAIN. Every. Single. Game. Yea Darelle Revis is washed and a lot of those big plays have been his fault as he mails it in. Yea, Marcus Williams didnt even run today when Sammie Coates just blew by him. But when you’re last in the league giving up plays of 20+ yards and it happens every single Sunday, you gotta look to the coach. As a former D Coordinator that doesnt have much to do with the offense, when you’re defense is giving up MAJOR touchdowns every week, you gotta start to wonder what the fuck it is that Todd Bowles does here.

There was a bit of a grace period with Todd Bowles because the bar was set so low. Bowles needed to come in here and simply be “Not Rex.” He needed to just not embarrass himself with stupid quotes. He needed to just stay off the back pages of the papers. Stay out of the headlines. And now that “Not Rex” honeymoon phase has faded and its clear hes just not a good head coach. And while originally his quiet, emotionless demeanor was a welcome change because of Rex braggadocios nonsense, now it just comes across as indifference after every loss. After that punt, he quit. And the last 5 minutes of the game, his team quit too. His stands there on the sidelines looking like some sort of fucking ventriloquist dummy with his tiny mouth and his expressionless face as we tally up another in the loss column. The guy just fucking stinks.

He stinks, the quarterback stinks, and thats really what it all boils down to. The NFL is a complicated league. Its a complicated sport. But in some respects its also very simple. Get a good head coach, get a good quarterback, and you’re gonna be a pretty successful team. SUCK in both those departments for almost 20 years and youre going to be a completely pathetic franchise. Thats all there is to it. From Rex and Sanchez to Rex and Geno onto Bowles and Fitz…time is a flat circle.