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Monday Mornings are for College Football Roundups. Today’s episode presented by Ken Bone:

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Time for the best GIFs and videos and pictures of the weekend, let’s goooooo.

When you heard the Roundup dropped:

Kmarko spent 2 hours on another Roundup?

TENNESSEE/A&M was wild, what else would you expect?

Tennessee dropped down big and needed a late miracle run to make it close, what else would you expect?

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But they actually ended up losing this one…that one you don’t expect.

A&M tried to blow it but just couldn’t follow through.

And nobody had a worse game than this line judge:

Red River Shootout lived up to the billing.

Dede Westbrook just an absolute savage.

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Herbie rips Texas to shreds before the game #Cesspool

Speaking of Texas, they have a tiny penis:


Last play was something special


Rutgers fan gives Michigan fan a hug after they get their first first down of the game with 5 minutes left in the 4th


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Kansas State dude takes the celebration a little too far

Miami loses on a damn blocked extra point


Pitt fat guy touchdown

Notre Dame/NC State had a bit of a weather problem:

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Joey Julius starting to reap what he sowed

Barkley Da God

UConn Football Catch the Fever (TM)

Here comes the BOOM

And here it comes again

Corso gets emotional mentioning his stroke

Navy knocks off Houston and this Vine is hilarious

Probably not allowed:

Alabama so good they get touchdowns just for interceptions:

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Maryland being very considerate of fellow hotel guests:

Adoree Jackson

Mushcamp going too hard in the paint

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Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 6.20.43 PM

Not the worst catch I’ve ever seen:

This one either:

When you’re getting blown out so might as well catch up on the latest about the Dakota Pipeline

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When the Roundup ends and you on the headphones yelling at somebody because you want more:

It’s not goodbye…it’s see ya later.