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Mrs. Met And Yo Getting Ready To Bang On The Cover Of The Daily News Just Broke My Heart

Seriously Daily News? Out of all of the headlines and Photoshops you could do today, you went the “Mrs. Met and Yo are about to fuck” route? The Mets fan base is fragile enough as is after that hick MadBum took his axe and carved our hearts out. None of us are ready to have the conversation about Yo leaving because of how important he is and how cheap the Wilpons are. To then throw the wife of baseball’s first family into the Photoshopped arms of another man just seems like its piling on.

However, if Mr. Met was a true Mets fan, he would let Mrs. Met get her Indecent Proposal on and do whatever she could to convince Yo to stay. She is definitely a ride or die bitch for the Amazins. The team, the team, the team. And if Yo happened to pop one off inside, their child would be the greatest baseball player this world has ever seen. Half baseball, half Cuban slugger with a rifle arm and a DGAF attitude. Mike Trout ain’t got shit on those Yo + Mrs. Met genes.