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Video From Pilots Trying To Fly Through Hurricane Matthew Seems Like The Scariest Thing Imaginable

Sploid – The Hurricane Hunters from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are perhaps the ballsiest pilots on this terrifying and vengeful planet.

For the last few days they’ve been flying recon missions into Matthew—the category 3 hurricane that’s going to kill all of our children—to collect data, and post some incredible videos to Twitter. Unsurprisingly, the pilots described the flight as “turbulent.”

I knew piloting wasn’t for me when I played Pilot Simulator as a kid and immediately drove my plane into a fiery crater in the ground every single time (great takeoffs guy though). But seeing something like this and combining that with my penchant to get drunk and compelled to sexually harass flight attendants and now I’m positive I’m not cut out to be a pilot. Even though it’s such a basic part of what they’re doing out there, being able to fly without seeing a single thing out of your window blows my mind with how impressive it is. And you pretty much have to be able to do that without freaking out or panicking or forgetting your years of training. It’s something that’ll go under the radar — lolol little pilot humor for the fly boys out there — but it shouldn’t. I’ll go out on a limb all day: Pilots have a very difficult job flying in category 4 hurricanes. Glad we finally got video proof to bear it out.