Niykee Heaton Dropping Tasteful Nudes On Instagram To Promote A New Tour Is Savvy Marketing IMO

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Idolator – Niykee Heaton kicked off the Centerfold Tour in Athens, Georgia and marks the special occasion by posting a couple of men’s mag-worthy pics. The 21-year-old’s Instagram is a treasure trove of eye-popping thirst traps, but these NSFW portraits take it to the next level. Why is the “Bad Intentions” hitmaker always nude? Because she feels like it. “My path to self acceptance was long and arduous but I have my music to thank,” Niykee wrote in a recent column in Cosmopolitan magazine.

“Instead of hiding I unveiled myself with pride. As it turned out, the general public would rather me be broken and self-conscious… society preaches self-acceptance, yet forces self-loathing,” Niykee opined. “If you are pretty then you must be stupid. If you’re confident then you’re obviously an arrogant bitch. And for god’s sake, if you happen to posses sex appeal, don’t you dare insist you also have talent.”

The pics are all on Instagram but they’re pretty NSFW as far as things on Instagram go so tread lightly:

So right up front: I LOVE Niykee Heaton. I think I’ve listened to one of her songs and found it just okay so I’m not going to rave about her musical ability. But I think pound for pound she might be the sexiest chick on the whole internet. Usually you see some of these chicks on Instagram and like a relationship I get a little “Ehhh alright I get the idea, enough of this chick.” But not Niykee Heaton. Besides her surfer/stoner/old school James Bond girl good looks, on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, she’s thotting it out there in a way that’s both creative and respectable. She just is who she is and that happens to be a chick with an unreal body who has no issues teasing showing it all off at any moment. It’s like we’re on some erotic game of cat and mouse like a Cinemax softcore porn every time I’m opening anything from her on my feed. Thrill a minute and I can’t cosign it enough.

Plus as an added bonus, similarly minded similarly sexy chicks 18-24 on social media both love and admire Niykee Heaton and she’s out there preaching positive sexuality and nudes and there’s really no downside here for us guys without a daughter in that demographic. Buy tickets for Niykee Heaton’s Centerfold tour because you’re supporting a movement that’s frankly all upside.

Also her manager Lauren Pisciotta is also unbelievably sexy, hot to thot, and equally as nudes-positive so I’m going to put pics of her too because it’s Friday and frankly we all need this:

Honestly I could have kept putting these in the blog forever but I’m gonna stop here because I have to imagine masturbating at the office like a chimp is poor form. No Multiple Migses here.