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Gotta Respect Jim Schwartz Telling It Like It Is On Nigel Bradham's Arrest

Starts getting good at 19:00

Facts are facts, you do dumbass things and pretty soon you’re gonna be labeled a dumbass.

So this is the soundbite going all through the Philly media rounds right now. Jimmy gonna Jimmy. And when you get arrested for taking a loaded handgun to the airport after getting arrested for beating the piss out of an elderly hotel worker over an umbrella stand (a second degree felony), Jimmy will don thee the a Dr. of Dumbass. As he should. But you do not want to get on Schwarz’s bad side no matter the situation. I can’t imagine the silent, yet palpable rage on Jim Schwartz’s face when he sees a person ahead of him struggling with bottled water in the airport security line. That stare will piece through one’s soul and everyone should pray that Cold War tension stewing in his veins doesn’t turn hot. They’d just be lucky Schwartz has already popped all of his blood vessels or else the entire airport would be at risk of going boom.

The bottom line is don’t get Jimmy heated. Even when things go his way he’ll swallow you whole. LEARN THE FUCKING RULES!!!!!