Kristaps Porzingis Reportedly Signs With Adidas


Yahoo- New York Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis has signed a multiyear footwear and apparel endorsement deal with adidas, sources told The Vertical. The deal will pay Porzingis, 21, between $3 million and $6 million annually, depending on incentive bonuses met. It’s the most lucrative shoe deal signed by a European player to date.

Nike, his previous sponsor, has until mid-October to match the exact terms of the adidas contract because of the brand’s standard “right to match” clause, but Nike is not expected to match the deal, sources said. Porzingis became a shoe free agent Oct. 1. As an emerging 17-year-old professional playing in Spain, Porzingis signed a four-year deal with Nike in 2012 that paid him $25,000 per year. While most incoming NBA rookies sign multiyear shoe endorsement deals during the summer draft window, Porzingis benefited from being under contract with Nike for just the first year of his career.

The hits keep on coming! At some point last night, I realized I had a brief window where I could check Twitter without having the Mets game spoiled for me because of our 5 minute delay in the office. And this news hit me directly in the jaw like a Mike Tyson right hook when I looked at my phone.

The first thing I think of when I hear Adidas is soccer. A bunch of goddamn idiots running around on the pitch and kicking a ball with their Sambas. The next thing I think of are Yeezys, the centerpiece to the Derelict collection. And the third thing I think of is the face of Adidas basketball, Derrick Rose. The walking, talking internet meme for injuries. A brand that has been there every step of the way for D-Rose’s fall from grace is the last thing in the world I need my Latvian prince wearing as he tries to go from star on a bad team to superstar on a super team. Nike is the king of basketball. Under Armour took Steph Curry from a guy that was two steps away from being a cripple with ankles made of paper mache to a guy that plays 78+ games per year. How can neither of those brands want to sign a guy that is so young, so good, will own the European market, and is a glitch on the basketball court? Instead Young Kristaps will probably be wearing those injury time bomb Yeezys simply because he has been a huge hip hop fan for years and I can’t imagine that will end well. Just another L for the Knicks.

Fuck everything.

And fuck Conor Gillaspie.

P.S. Who am I kidding, I’m definitely going to buy every pair of Porzingis’ the day they drop.