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Watching Two Gangs Of Monkeys Fight Is The Perfect Way To Combat The Tuesday Morning Blues

Listen, I know the Giants shit the bed last night. Ugly game all around and my safe space of Twitter is a fire storm of Odell Beckham takes. Which is why a video like this is so clutch. Usually after a tough loss, I would be fine simply avoiding ESPN all day and passing out as early as possible. But I can’t do that anymore. I work for a sports media company (with a brand new, absolutely incredible app on the App Store and Google Play). I’ve already drank 32 oz. of coffee because I stayed up wayyyy past my bedtime for that disaster of a game. So if I have to face this day head on, I need some lighthearted fun.

Which is why the monkey version of the sharks and the jets trying to tear each others eyes out as a bunch of Chinese dudes cheer them on was exactly what the doctor ordered. Usually the monkey cage is reserved for poop throwing or fucking. But these monkeys dug deep and gave a weary old blogger something new. So thank you for being you, China. I needed this, even if the sound of those screeching monkeys will haunt me for the rest of my days on Earth.

And a shout out to the tourist that stopped that one monkey from getting ganged up on by 10 other monkeys. Just like human fight club, there are rules that must be followed in monkey fight club.