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The Fact That This Drunk Oklahoma Fan Didn't Get Punched In The Face At The TCU Game Is The Biggest Miracle I've Ever Witnessed

Killer FrogsUntil yesterday, I’ve never had much of a problem with OU fans. From multiple trips to Norman, they’ve always been very kind and welcoming compared to other fan bases, but yesterday literally every OU fan I encountered or witnessed was just a completely insufferable [Rece Davis] bag.

This kid in particular was especially vile in section 233. He was extremely intoxicated and vulgar the entire time. He kept repetitively yelling “Darn TCU,” “TCU is so darning gay,” “T C U Faggggs!” “Wowww. What a bunch of darning fagsss!!” “TCU sucks soooo darning much,” “Wow!! Your faggggot fans are so loud my ears are hurting. Stop being so loud TCU faggggs!”

And then he would walk up to people and get in their faces and try to give Tcu fans high fives when something good would happen for OU. And he also would get up in people’s faces and start constantly clapping. He’s lucky he didn’t do it to me. Took everything in me to keep from walking up and punching him straight in the face.

People who don’t believe in miracles, tell me what I’m looking at here? Tell me how this Oklahoma kid didn’t get his teeth knocked straight through his brain and out the back of his skull? I mean make no mistake about it. That was the most obnoxious clapping display in the history of sporting events. An absolute mockery of the opponent with those claps. Clap savagery.

And that was without even seeing the vocal parts on camera, which I have to admit, sound fucking hilarious. Like I’m not an F-word guy but “what a bunch of darning fagsssss” is too preposterous of an insult to not at least acknowledge. TCU is so darning gay *clap*clap*clap* – can’t believe any self-respecting fan base would let a guy walk out under his own power after that.