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The Browns Replace Guy With Torn ACL With A Different Guy Who Also Has A Torn ACL




(Source) When the Browns put quarterback Brian Hoyer on injured reserve with a torn ACL, they replaced him on the roster by signing wide receiver Charles Johnson off the Packers practice squad. But because Browns, it couldn’t be that simple. According to Scott Petrak of the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, the Browns discovered Johnson had a torn ACL when they gave him a physical, so they’re now placing him on the non-football injury list. He was signed last Saturday, but was inactive for Sunday’s game with the Lions. And with the Browns are playing the Packers this week, they won’t be able to replace Johnson on the 53-man roster for two more weeks, since there’s a rule in place that requires players signed off practice squads to be there for three weeks. When Johnson suffered this mysterious ACL tear is unknown, but the one thing is certain is that the Browns can’t catch a break.



Fucking Browns. Too perfect. You can’t even make this shit up. Just laughing thinking about what it’s like at their facility. All the scouts pumped because they signed a Packers Wide Receiver, I mean he must be good if he’s a Packers Wide Receiver right guys!?! They piss good Wideouts!  Next thing you know his physical comes back and its heartbreak city. Jimmy Haslam calling everyone into some shitty little conference room where everyone is sitting on milk crates explaining that we just can’t be signing guys with torn ACL’s to replace guys with torn ACL’s. Then the Charlie Brown music plays and all the scouts and coaches sulk off dragging their linus blankies. That’s literally exactly how it went.




h/t theo