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Baby Tiger Cub In England Drowns In Zoo Pool, Cue The Music And A Bucket Full Of Tears



(Source) London Zoo keepers have been left heartbroken after the first tiger to be born there in 17 years died. The two-week-old cub was found on the edge of the pool inside the tigers’ enclosure


Look, there are some things you hate about your job. Hell there are probably a lot of things you hate about your job, but you still have to do them because it’s your job. Well that’s what I’m doing here. Do I want to be the guy who has to announce the news any time a baby animal dies? No. But that’s the cross I bear. If I don’t post it then no one will and then you’ll forget to be sad and cry and then the Tiger baby will have died in vain. Baby Animal deaths chose me, I didn’t choose it. Now do me a favor and cue the music.