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Scary Clown Looks Scary Until He Punches Like A Ninny

Clowns are all over the news lately. Clowns on bridges. Clowns in yards. Clowns everywhere just creeping the fuck out of everyone.

Being scared of clowns has jumped the shark big time. It’s like everybody in the world saying they have OCD. You don’t have OCD, ma’am. You just like your toothbrush in the toothbrush holder. That’s normal, not obsessive compulsive.

This clown in Jacksonville, home of the 1-3 Jaguars after yesterday’s huge win in London, was creepy and pretty scary if I’m being honest. I dont like to admit it but this clown made my balls move just a little bit. That’s my barometer for fear. If my testicles move inside my body a little bit, I was scared. I’m man enough to admit that I had testicular movement when I saw that clown on the porch.

Then he started punching. This clown punches like an absolute clown. Dude is a pussy clown. If it takes you a solid 6 punches to take down a fucking gourd, you’re not gonna take me easily. That’s the bar. I will fight you with extreme confidence if it takes you more than three punches to break a pumpkin. Two punches and we can discuss a resolution peacefully. Three punches to get through a pumpkin and we are coming to blows, Bozo.

I have a feeling these are all fake but this one is a good and creepy video.