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Mets Clinch First Wild Card Spot, Will Host Play In Game Wednesday Night At Citi

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It took 160 games, 160 injuries, 160 replacement players, and 160 heart attacks, but somehow, someway, the New York Mets have clinched a home game for the Wild Card Play In game. I dont consider the Wild Card “making the playoffs.” Its the right to play game 163 to make it to the Divisional Round. But the mere fact that the Mets have even made it this far is remarkable. I’m not saying that to hedge my bets and start up the excuse train for if they get bounced early – I’m just saying it because its facts. When you lose 3 of your 4 aces and your entire infield almost for the entire season to injury, you have no business making the playoffs. When your “starting catcher” has 14 RBI on the season and your stud OF prospect regresses so hard hes sent down to Triple A, you have no business making the playoffs. When your manager does almost everything he can with the lineup and the bullpen to lose games on purpose, you have no business making the playoffs. And when you franchise is notorious for choking in September and youre going head to head with two of the most historic, winning franchises in the whole sport, you have no business making the playoffs.

And yet here we are, against all odds. Against anything that makes even a shred of logical sense. Against everything that your brain and your gut tells you as a Mets fan, these guys are 1 win away from another showdown with the Cubs in the playoffs. From month to month, week to week, game to game, and inning to inning this season has been a goddam roller coaster. It hasnt really been “fun,” because I dont enjoy any of it. But it certainly has been a memorable season. The rise of Asdrubal the return of Reyes and Replacement Players all alongside King Cespedes, its right up there with 2015 in terms of story lines. One more win and we’re back in the playoffs – only the second time this franchise will have made the playoffs in consecutive years – with a chance to defend the NL Pennant.

Their lineup and their rotation on paper isnt gonna scare anyone. But sometimes in a dumb ass sport like baseball, thats the most intimidating thing of all. These guys just dont give a shit. Guys like Gsellman and Lugo. Wily old vets like Kelly Johnson and Cabrera. Rookies finally getting their shot like TJ Rivera. Second chances for guys like Jose Reyes. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Win Wednesday night and anything goes.

It Could Happen.