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A Ryder Cup Fan Yelling "Rory's So Tiny!" Might Be The Meanest Thing I've Ever Seen

So damn mean. The Ryder Cup crowd is getting rowdier and drunker with each passing minute. Not fair that they put Rory in the middle of a bunch of dudes who are like 6’5. That fan made it so much worse though. Calling him out big time. You think Rory doesn’t know he’s short? He’s reminded of that fact every day. But still, Rory might wanna hit’em with a Davey Pageviews tippy toes next time. Just brutal.

Nothing Rors can do but give’em the thumbs up

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 1.28.04 PM

That’s a “I’ve got 150 more notches on my belt than you pal” thumbs up if I’ve ever seen one