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Dumb Ass Reds And Dumb Ass Major League Baseball And Cheating Ass Cardinals Combine To Hand St. Louis A Controversial Win

FTW - The St. Louis Cardinals got a much-needed win vs. the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday. The Cardinals now trail the Giants by one game in the NL Wild Card race. But the final play of the Cards’ win has many fans and reporters scratching their heads. With the game tied in the ninth, Yadier Molina hit a ball that wound up hitting the second wall out at left field, which means it should’ve been called a ground-rule double. The umpires said that they left and refused to review it because the Reds didn’t challenge the play fast enough.

Ok here’s the deal – baseball is a stupid, stupid sport. Its a stupid, stupid league. And they can never get out of their own way or do anything right. Got it?

First of all, why this sport overcomplicates home runs I will never understand. Baseball stadiums should just have normal ass fences. There shouldnt be “monsters.” There shouldnt be hills. There shouldnt be walls the rise and fall along the perimeter of the outfield. There shouldnt be signage 36 inches behind a wall thats 300-something feet away from home plate because it effectively becomes the exact same thing as the fence. And for the love of fucking God their shouldnt be yellow lines. Why would you paint a line on a wall instead of just making the wall end at that height??? There should be one wall, at a normal height, with nothing near it, so that its very easy to look at the play and say “did the ball go over the fucking wall or not?”

Secondly, this talk about the review rules is such fucking nonsense. The main complaint about umpire reviews is how much time they consume. All of a sudden, if you dont sprint out of the dugout and demand a review within TEN SECONDS the game is over?? When has that ever been the case with a MLB challenge? It takes ten seconds for fat ass baseball managers to waddle their way up the steps of the dugout. You cant do anything in the world in 10 seconds. If this play happened in the middle of the game we would have seen the manager on the phone, talking it over, while the broadcast shows a couple replays. Just completely ridiculous that the umpires decided to strictly enforce some made up 10 second rule during a game like that.

Thirdly what the fuck are the Reds doing? What a dreadful ball club. If you got a challenge and you’ve just lost the game you should just immediately run out there and ask for a review. Forget 10 seconds, you should be out there in 1 second if theres even a shred of a possibility of overturning that call.

And finally fuck the Cardinals and their cheating asses. And fuck Major League Baseball and their cheating asses. Everybody on the Cardinals and the umpires literally running away, hiding from the Reds manager. Conspiring to get the precious fucking Cardinals into the postseason.

PS – Can you tell I’m nervous about being up 2 with 3 games to play?

PPS – I dont consider losing the 1 game playoff “making the postseason.” Its either the Cubs in the NLDS or I say we missed the playoffs altogether.