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Big Time Shout Out To The PATH (And First Responders, And Everyone) For Their Work Today

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 4.36.20 PM

Roasted by a train.

But beyond that, I’m amazed that the PATH is open. Not even a day off. Like, absolutely amazed. It might be because I’m used to the DC Metro which is the most unreliable form of transportation since the Challenger, but I expected the PATH to be closed for minimum a week, and likely a month or two. The fact it’s up and running mere hours after this morning’s accident is incredible.

Also, shout out to all the first responders, the people donating blood, the bus drivers who are likely working over time, Barstool employee Jay who was on the train that crashed and then instinctively GOT ON ANOTHER TRAIN to get into work (#TheTeam #TheTeam #TheTeam), and everyone who has gone above and beyond today. Weird day, and I’m sure there will be people working around the clock for months and months and months getting the station fully up and running.