Shoutout To NESN For Not Giving A Fuck About Bleeping Out The Language During The Sox AL East Champs Celebration

What a night, boys! WHAT. A. NIGHT. I was lucky enough to be in the crowd (shouts SeatGeek) so I didn’t see the celebration footage until today and it’s even better than I imagined. F bombs flying, Johnny Farrell dropping tshirt lines, champagne flowing… it was all beautiful.

To be honest, I don’t even remember all that much from last night. It’s not that I got blackout, I was surprisingly in control the entire evening, but when you clinch on an old rival’s field it’s just such a roller coaster of emotions that the specifics become a blur. I remember Claydro pitching like an ace, I remember Mookie being the MVP that he always is, I remember…. well, I don’t remember much after that. But, who cares? I don’t need memories, I need first place finishes to boast about. It’s not about the journey, it’s about the bragging rights and, to me, there’s really nothing like clinching an AL East championship on Yankee soil.

I miss Boston every day, but I gotta thank NESN for letting those profanities fly and not forcing us to wear our ear goggles to block them out. It let me feel a little closer to home, even if just through a Vine.

PS – Yankee Stadium fucking SUCKS. Last night was my first time at the new one and holy fucking shit is that place awful. It takes ten hours to get in, there is zero atmosphere, lines to get food and beers are preposterously long despite the fact that the stadium is empty, and they even have the guys directing lines outside wearing suits and ties, which is the most Yankee bullshit ever.

People complain about the seating and whatnot at Fenway, but when you walk into that place you know you’re in a house of baseball. Yankee Stadium might as well be a goddamn WalMart. Fuck that place. But still, like I said, nothing like a huge clinch on enemy soil. Feels good to be king again.