Buddy Pass 101

I need to know the backstory here. I need to know who owes who money. I need to know who slept with whose girlfriend. I need to know exactly what led to #88 attempting to get his teammate murdered like that.

Now if this were to go to a court of law, I think you could make a compelling case against attempted murder here. I mean, the kid who got smoked into next week had his head down through the neutral zone for a full 2-2.5 seconds while the puck is in his feet. That’s pretty much the equivalent of skating around with a giant neon sign pointing towards you saying “come fuck me up”. Also, watch the video a few more times. How about #9 just casually  letting the pass go through him, then dodges out of the way of the hit and just continues down on the 2-on-1 like his boy didn’t just get his head taken off. Real team player that guy is. Or maybe the kid who got destroyed was just hated by everyone and nobody is willing to step up and fight for him. Because absolutely nobody cares that his brains just got Scott Stevens’d and now his brain is probably nothing but a bowl of applesauce.

P.S. – Looks like the score is 3-3 in the 1st period. Glad the goalies decided to show up that night.