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Macaulay Culkin Is Murdering My Childhood One Creepy Picture At A Time




We’re rapidly approaching Home Alone season (day after Thanksgiving until Christmas) and I just can’t handle shit like this. This is my childhood crumbling in front of my eyes. And yes I get that people grow up and change, I understand the concept of time, but this is too much. Macaulay Culkin looks like a methed out sex freak that fucks hookers in trash cans and eats banana peels off the highway. Probably still listens to Korn and lives under an underpass in LA. That’s not Kevin McCallister. No way, no how.



Speaking of Home Alone season, I’m contemplating using 1 of my TV’s* to just run one and two perpetually on loop for the entire month of December.



*Yeah I have 2 tv’s in my living room, deal with it.