Dad Pulls Off The Most Dad Joke Ever While Giving A Speech At His Daughter's Wedding

CRUSHED IT MY MAN! I constantly go back and forth on whether or not I wanna ever have kids. It seems like a real hassle if we’re being honest. Lots of poop and pee and puke that isn’t mine. It seems like it takes up a lot of your free time and I happen to love my free time. Like, at this moment, I’m free to nap whenever I want. I can just lay down, sleep for any amount of time and wake up with zero consequences. Freedom to nap is what’s really holding me back from having children (being attractive to the opposite sex is the other thing). But then I see Dads getting to do Dad jokes and it looks like it’s all worth it. They don’t necessarily have to be good. That’s actually the beauty of Dad jokes. The worse they are, the funnier they are. Just dropping fake cakes all over the damn place. And people laugh cause everybody loves Dad jokes. It’s a win-win situation. Dad jokes have about a 98% crush rate. Play on playa.