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The Hail Coming Down In Australia Looks Nothing Short Of Apocalyptic

Australia – GIGANTIC hail smashed Australia and an entire state was plunged into darkness as the “worst storm in decades” struck the country with force. The violent weather caused a blackout the whole of South Australia, with traffic lights out of action and trams and trains cancelled, making travel virtually impossible.

Well ain’t that some scary shit. I’m fine and dandy here in the Northeast of the good ol’ US of A where God sticks to bowling instead of chucking fastballs from the sky like a freaking mad man. Pretty sure everyone has enough to worry about in that damn country. You got giant Wolf Spiders and creepy fighting kangaroos on land. Deadly jellyfish and megalithic sharks roaming the sea. Dudes literally ripping each other’s dicks off on the pitch. Anything goes Down Under. The good people of Australia don’t need the entire damn place turning into The Day After Tomorrow.

Also, would love to see Big Bertha here get caught up in an Aussie hail storm. Them chunkers was big. Kaboooya!