Mary J. Blige Singing To Hillary Clinton About Police Brutality To Plug Her Sit Down Interview Was Top 3 Most Awkward Moment In Human History

It took a while for me to post this video after the debate because I’ll be perfectly honest, I wasnt even really sure that this actually happened until this morning. I wasnt sure this was real life. I thought it was some weird shit that happened in my dreams. I mean honestly doesnt this sound like a recap of an actual dream. “So I was there…and Mary J Blige was interviewing Hillary Clinton. But instead of actually interviewing her she was singing a song she made up about police brutality. Hillary just kind of sat there blinking and looking at her awkwardly. Weird dream.” I asked Kmarko if anyone had posted this video yet and he responded “I was kind of drunk when this came on the TV and I didnt know if it was actually happening.” When something is so goddam cringeworthy and awkward people are question whether or not it actually occurred in real life, its safe to say its a spectacular failure.

So obviously she’s been getting murdered on the internet for how bad it all was, and today Mary finally reached her breaking point. She got FED UP


Take that all ya’ll crabs in a barrel!! Mary J Blige is gonna solve the police brutality issue by singing to Hillary Clinton and if you think otherwise you’re #simpleminded.