Absolutely Love Bill Burr Going Off On (And Subsequently Losing) His Own Sponsor

Savvy play by a man by the people, for the people. In fact, this is how you advertise. As far as the reads, take notes owners of businesses and so called former moguls/balding co-workers. Are you fortunate to have a company spend their hard earned money to put the word out on your platform and basically directly pay your bills for you? Fuck em. Just trash them right in front of their faces. You may think it’s bad for business but guess what, pulling the old reach around with fire and demolishing ScoreBig gave them 100x more bang for their advertising buck than if solely the normal script was read. Just imagine how much money would roll in if some underpaid, barely insured, rogue employee went unnecessarily apeshit on a company that delivered mattresses, mattresses, mattresses to your doorstep? That big swinging dick at the Cracker Factory would go from six to midnight with the amount of attention it would receive. Viral advertising 101.

This isn’t the first time old Billy blue balls went off on an advertiser. If you’ve never heard of the Shari’s Berries read, it’s a MUST LISTEN:

BONUS: MeUndies – No more sweaty balls!