This SWAT Team In Alaska Needs A Lot Of Work

Stop. Just stop. You’re embarrassing yourselves. Any criminals who were in that house are long gone. By the time they finally got the door smashed in the crooks were probably at the Canadian border. No self-respecting criminal waits around while the SWAT team STRUGGLES to bust down a door. A general rule of police/SWAT should be if a door puts you on your ass, you’re off the force. No questions asked. In the SWAT team’s defense, how often does the Alaska SWAT team get reps? Almost never, right? Feel like it’s about once every two years so it’s not really their fault. They don’t know what they’re doing. It’s not like LA or Chicago or New York where the SWAT teams are constantly being called upon. Actually a fake reality show about an Alaskan SWAT team is a show I would absolutely watch. It’d be kinda like Super Troopers but with a reality show aspect and it’d be in Alaska where I don’t even think crime exists. It’s just igloos, ice road truckers and polar bears.