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So...Why Did Almost All Of ESPN Do A Shot For Shot Remake Of The Anchorman Fight?

Oh. To promote His & Hers. Cute. I have zero opinion on the show because, quite honestly, I’ve never watched it. And to be even more honest this “Spoof” isn’t awful. Trey Wingo is one delightful human, even if Jerry Stackhouse is still laughing at his name. Golic and Schaap hold their own, too. But leave it to ESPN to do an exact shot for shot remake of something from 2004 and pass it off as creative and hysterical. Maybe next they can do an Austin Powers reboot while throwing out a bunch of “That’s what she saids” along the way. That’ll really put the new asses in the seats. But more likely they’ll do something like livestream the next Presidential debate and get a Purple Heart veteran blackout drunk for the masses. Because that’s what original companies do, dammit. #LetTheBigCatEat.

Stick to what you’re good at and keep on churning out the Sportscenter commercials. Quite possibly one of the few decent things ESPN has got left going for it.

I’d be remiss to throw out the best This Is Sportscenter in recent history, or perhaps all-time.