Donald Trump Straight Up Denying His Sniffles Is An Incredible Move

(Politico)Donald Trump on Tuesday morning denied he was suffering from a case of the “sniffles” during his primetime debate showdown on Monday night, when he could frequently be heard sharply inhaling through his nose.  “No, no sniffles. You know, the mic was very bad, but maybe it was good enough to hear breathing,” Trump told “Fox & Friends.” “But no sniffles. No cold.”

What are you TALKING about, dude? Trump is essentially that Senator from the Mark Wahlberg classic “Shooter.” You know the fat, old, evil, white dude? The one who yells, “THE TRUTH IS WHAT I SAY IT IS!” I thought his lying was bad last night when he would say things like, “I never said climate change was a Chinese hoax,” and then everyone would go hit retweet on his tweet that said, “Climate change is a Chinese hoax,” or when he repeatedly said he didn’t support the Iraq war and everyone was like, “Here’s the interview where Donald Trump says we should go to was in Iraq.” But this is somehow worse?
Bro, we all watched you last night. We heard you. When you were standing on that stage and in front of that microphone there were a lot of people watching. We all saw it. To go on TV today and flat-out deny it is seriously the move of a lunatic. When most of us have a cough or the sniffles we’ll just apologize to a co-worker or classmate, say we know it’s really annoying, and they’ll just say hey what are you gonna do. But this delusional motherfucker tries to tell us it didn’t happen. Wild, wild stuff. He’s like a dangerous mix of Costanza and Shaggy.