Restaurant Using Colin Kaepernick's Jersey As A Door Mat Isn't Exactly Getting Rave Reviews

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.A picture of  San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s jersey being taped to a local restaurant’s floor is causing a stir online. Virginia Beach resident James Perry said he walked into Krossroads Rock and Country Bar in the Pleasant Valley Shopping Center Thursday and saw the jersey at the front entrance. “What went through my mind was like ‘Wow, is this real or is it a joke?’ How would you feel if someone taped a police officer’s uniform down?” Perry asked. News 3 spoke with the general manager of the bar. He told us taping the jersey down was about sportsmanship and Kaepernick’s disrespect of the flag – not race.


I’d love to be a fly on the wall when these owners decided that this would be a reasonable and well-received response to a guy peacefully voicing his displeasure about the current state of race relations in America. They’re the kind of guys who think spelling Crossroads with a K is cool, so you know that at best they’ve got the brain power of a Kardashian. I’d be willing to bet pretty good money that they were taking turns huffing glue and/or jars of farts then came up with this brilliant joke.

I’m not even offended by it. I mean, sure, it comes from a place of racism and hating the fact that a black guy has a platform to say hey stop shooting black dudes. But I’m not even sure if that’s much of a surprise at a Virginia strip mall bar. What really offends me is just the fact that they thought this would be funny. Feel what you want about Kaepernick’s anthem protest but taping down his jersey as a doormat is fucking laaaaaame.