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FDNY Battalion Chief Dies In the Line Of Duty During Drug Den Explosion

NBC New York – A firefighter was killed by falling debris when a suspected drug den exploded in the Bronx Tuesday, leveling a two-story home and injuring at least six other people, according to police and fire officials. The identity of the dead firefighter wasn’t immediately released, and the extents of the others’ injuries weren’t clear following the 7:30 a.m. blast at the private home on West 234th Street near Tibbett Avenue in Kingsbridge. About an hour before the explosion, firefighters had responded to a report of a gas smell at the location and found the drug lab, police say. The NYPD was called in, but the two-story house exploded before officers could assess the lab or the rest of the location, according to police. Streets were shut down in the area as utility crews, firefighters and police cordoned off the site. Video from the scene shows the home completely demolished, the roof in shambles, partially collapsed over one of the building’s sides. Piles of debris rained onto the street, covering the road and nearby parked cars. One Instagram user said the blast “shook my whole neighborhood,” adding it “felt like a bomb went off.” Another neighbor said her windows shook. Still another said she felt as if there had been an earthquake.  

Any time a person dies in the line of duty, its a tragedy. Police officers, fire fighters, whoever. When we lose one of them in the name of service, its always heartbreaking. But when we have to lose one of them because some fucking asshole meth heads blew up their own drug den, it pisses me right off. Makes it that much more painful because this one is totally senseless. Fires happen, and people need help when they do. Thats why fire fighters are here. To run into burning buildings that started by accident, beyond anybody’s relative control. They run into buildings to save children and elderly people. Save the people who need it the most. Not some wanna be Breaking Bad pricks who blew themselves up. Thats not what any FDNY member should have to do.

But thats what makes New York City firefighters, New York City firefighters. Thats why they are New York’s Bravest. They run in when everyone else is running out. Regardless of circumstances, there’s immediate danger and they are there to try to stop it. Make sure that nobody gets hurt. From innocent children all the way down to scum of the Earth junkies.

RIP to the currently nameless firefighter. You deserved a much better fate than this.