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Hofstra Posted A Gigantic "Trigger Warning" Outside of the PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 8.23.39 AM

Hope everyone had their permission slips signed! Grab your line buddy’s hand and go single-file into the auditorium! And, just a reminder, if either of the candidates say anything that upsets you, we’ve set up a room for you in the eastern wing of the building full of puppies and coloring books and a big ball pit.* The issues of the world, being addressed by candidates for president, one of whom will be the leader of the free world in the upcoming weeks, can be extremely traumatic. Having to hear what’s going on outside the walls of your Safe Space bubble is triggering personified.

*The funniest thing about this line is that these are all real things that real colleges have in real life for 18-24 year old people who are triggered by words. I didn’t make them up, they exist.

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