Dee Gordon Got In The Righty Batter's Box Wearing Jose Fernandez's Helmet, Switched Back To Lefty And Hit His First Home Run To Lead Off The Game

This is one of the greatest sports moments of all-time. After the passing of Jose Fernandez on Sunday morning, here’s what Dee Gordon wrote on his Instagram yesterday.

My brother.

You were family to me…my heart is hurting wishing you would just burst through the clubhouse doors any second now late like always laughing telling me how many red and yellow snapper you caught last night…you were always happy and kept the biggest smile on your face…you may have rubbed people who didn’t get to know you the wrong way at times but I always had your back no matter what and didn’t never let you get in any of those brawls…last Sunday when you came to chapel with me is crazy now bc you said you needed to go…you just told me that your last game was “the best game I ever pitched in my life” and it was your last…I don’t know if God was calling you last Sunday and made you decide to come to chapel or helped you pitch your best game but I do know I love you and I’m so hurt to see my brother go…I know I’m being selfish but you weren’t just a teammate to me…you were family…I love you Josey!!! Long Live YOU FOREVER!!!! Rest In Peace my brother I hope you and God catch the biggest fish heaven has to offer. #JDF16FOREVER

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Tonight, Gordon went up to the plate as the first batter of the game for Miami, wearing Jose Fernandez’s batting helmet, wearing Jose Fernandez’s No. 16 jersey, and took the first pitch. Gordon, a left-handed hitter, switched back to the left batter’s box, and hit his first home run of the season. You can’t make that stuff up. That’s going to be a scene in a movie some day.

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Before the game, the Mets and Marlins exchanged hugs and handshakes. The Marlins then paid their respects to Fernandez by kneeling at the mound, and drawing his number 16 in the dirt. Giancarlo Stanton then gathered his teammates on the field and told them, “We’re gonna find a way to do this. Let’s go. For Jose.”