The Black Mirror/Donald Trump Mashup Is Perfect To Gear Up For Tonight's Debate

If you’re not a fan of Black Mirror, get on it. One of the weirdest, wildest shows on TV right now. And if you are a fan of Black Mirror, you remember the episode with Waldo, where a vulgar and honest cartoon character gains immense popularity in an election. Which is bizarrely accurate for the current political climate. Everyone loves Waldo’s honesty because its a breath of fresh air, politicians hate him because he undermines everything they stand for. Its art imitating life, life imitating art. Shit was ahead of its time.

The debate scene is particularly poignant as we get set to watch Hillary vs Trump in the most anticipated debate ever:

I expect this to basically play out in real life tonight. Hillary lands a bunch of accurate, important blows about how much of a joke Donald Trump is, and then the Donald just says how much Hillary sucks and says some funny shit that people enjoy and it doesnt actually matter how correct Hil Dog was with her takes. The Donald is bulletproof with this shit. He’ll answer questions with questions when he doesnt have a real answer. He’ll deflect. He’ll joke. And whatever he ends up saying, like a zillion people all across America will cheer for him and say fuck Hillary.

I dont know whether Black Mirror is simply genius or if America is degrading into some sort of real life episode of The Twilight Zone but either way, tonight is sure to be interesting.

PS – Black Mirror season 3 out Oct. 21