Mary Kate Olsen Is An Alien

The last time I was this frightened by a glimpse of a lanky body, I was watching the movie Signs

Jiminy fucking cricket the girl is a corpse! Chances of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen being aliens is damn near 100% at this point. If I had to pick any famous people to actually be extra terrestrials, these “twins” are way at the top of the list. I think the aliens just made 2 human bodies to blend in and didnt even think to differentiate them. Like if we were to make alien disguises, they would all look identical, you know? They’d all be small and grey with big heads. We wouldnt even think about making them look different. Thats what happened with Mary Kate and Ashley’s human disguises. Now they are almost fully grown out of them and are starting to take their normal alien form. I would imagine you only can survive a certain amount of time on Earth when you’re from another planet and so I bet their time is almost up. Long story short, if you’re in a Celebrity Death Pool or a Celebrity Alien Pool, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are heavy favorites.