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Clemson Bans All References To Harambe For Promoting Racism and Rape Culture

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Campus ReformA Clemson administrator sent an email to Resident Advisors (RAs) Friday instructing them to demand that freshman remove all Harambe references from dorm hallways and windows.

The administrator claimed Harambe’s death has been used to “add to rape culture” and can be “form of racism.” An RA further added that any student who disobeys these instructions will be “in trouble.”

“We are no longer allowing any reference to Harambe (or any other spelling) to be displayed on doors, halls, billboards, or windows,” the instructions state. “Harambe should not be displayed in a public place or a place that is viewed by the public.”

One Clemson freshmen leaked a screenshot to Campus Reform of an RA stating, “you cannot have any Harambe related thing up publicly after September 30th,” and threatening that point, “the individual/individuals will get in some trouble!”

Listen I’m not the type to try and peddle shirts and shove our merch down your throat, but let me be real honest for a second. If every single student at Clemson who reads this blog doesn’t buy one of these shirts and wear it around campus from now until the end of the semester I will lose all respect for you as a person and a school.

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And when you’re done picking out your size and hitting order if somebody could check back and explain to me how a dead Western lowland gorilla represents sexual assault that would be awesome because I’m flat out stumped.