EDP Had The Most Eloquent And Thoughtful Eagles Analysis Possible...Just Kidding He Started By Twerking Shirtless For A Solid Minute

Down boy! I haven’t seen an arguement this persuasive since Homer Simpson mooned for rebuttal. And to think EDP actually had some legitimate, accurate commentary to go along with the Eagles curbstomping the Steelers 34-3. Nope. The shirtless Twerk with his Au Natural titties swinging low like sweet chariots is all that was needed for analysis. At least he didn’t come back at the haters with his trademark retaliation of a cummy dick pick on Twitter. Baby steps.

EDP could legitimately be brought up on charges for pointing that wide load in our face. If you recall, that thing can be considered a weapon of mass destruction once it explodes. That shart is Hiroshima worthy. Enjoy your lunch. Yessirrrr.