Prince George Dunks All Over Canada By Refusing To Give Justin Trudeau A High Five

I’m in a tough spot here. I don’t like any of the parties involved. Well I shouldn’t say I don’t like Canada. They’re just Canada. You know what I mean. But then there’s little Prince George with a silver spoon up his ass refusing to give a Prime Minister a high five. This fucking family, man. Since when does a kid ever refuse a high five? Little kids love high fives. I love high fives. Everybody loves high fives. Well everybody of course but that no good, no power-having, no reason-for-living, strictly nominal “royal” family from across the pond. That entire family thinks they shit cotton candy and piss Mt. Dew. Prince George might actually be the worst of them all. Not only does his wield no power but he’s so young that he’s never actually done anything noteworthy. At least Prince Harry and Prince Williams served in the military. Prince George just has a hot mom. I’m actually surprised Prince George didn’t just kick Trudeau in the balls for even looking him in the eye.