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Dog Drops Another Loss On The Warriors By Shitting In The Background During Klay Thompson's SportsCenter Interview

Talk about a wild few months for the Warriors. One minute you are 73-9 and one win away from becoming basketball royalty. The next you blow a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals, the league makes a rule specifically to stop your dick punching Swiss army knife from crushing so many dicks, and a dog drops heat while your sharpshooter is being interviewed live on SportsCenter. Life comes at you fast.

And you better believe that I noticed the Knicks logo coming in after the interview ended. Perhaps a metaphor for the passing of the baton from the league’s old super team to the new super team. Especially if the Knicks have somehow figured out how to turn off injuries in real life like it’s a game of NBA 2K.

We gucci


h/t Mr. Duncan