Josh Norman And Von Miller Confirm That Athletes Want To Make Super-Athletes With A Potential Spouse

I said this a few weeks ago on the Rundown when we were discussing Edeleman banging Olivia Culpo, and how he purposely tries to fuck taller chicks because he wants to make kids who can play sports. Dave poo-poo’d that thought, saying I was wrong and all that jazz. Well egg on his face. Here we have Josh Norman and Von Miller 100% confirming they want to make super-athlete babies. Miller straight up talking about how he wants to fuck Serena hoping he can make a child so bizarrely strong that he was losing his mind just thinking about it. And yes, it was straight up depressing when they took a shot at me when they said they don’t want a “4’6 kid who can’t move his own furniture”. It was almost as if I was in the front row and they were looking directly at me while saying it.