Kim Kardashian Says She Wants To Go To Law School

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AOL- Kim Kardashian West wants to take after her late father, Robert Kardashian, Sr. In an interview with Wonderland magazine (via Daily Mail), the 35-year-old reality star talks about furthering her education, and going into law like her dad, who was best known as one of O.J. Simpson’s attorney during his double-murder trial. “If things slow down and I had time, I really want to go to law school,” she says. “Just something I can do in my older age.” She added, 

This is insulting on a couple of levels. The first being that Kim didn’t go to college and doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree in anything. So that’s just a tiny hurdle in her goal to go to law school. I guarantee no one in the Kardashian/Jenner inner circle has the heart to tell Kim that because they are positive she will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever actually attempt to go to law school. Which brings me to my next point. YOU’RE RICH GIRL. You are disgustingly rich. That’s the most insulting part. Forget that Kim literally can’t go to law school cause she doesn’t have the (any) credits. She has TONS of money. Her husband is Kanye West who also has TONS of money (I think? Or is he still broke?). That’s the only thing that matters in life. Some people go to college and end up rich and some people fuck Brandy’s brother on camera and become rich. It’s all just means to an end. That end being having piles of money so you don’t have to do anything.

Why is Kim so interested in being a lawyer anyway?

“I’ve always been into the most morbid things. I was really nosy when my dad was working on the O.J. trial, and I would look through all his stuff, and I just wish I was in that field.”

Ohhhhhhhhhh I get it now. Listen, if every case was like the OJ Simpson trial then everybody would wanna be a lawyer. It’s the most interesting case in the history of crime. Kim K saw all the attention it got and was like, “Hey I like attention. I wanna be a lawyer!” She’s like a child. Somebody needs to tell her that being a criminal lawyer is almost never like that. Or nobody tell her and let her find out when she……just kidding there’s no fucking way Kim Kardashian ever sniffs law school.