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Rory McIlroy Breaks Up With Caroline Wozniacki Because She Tweeted A Picture Of Him Sleeping


RORY McIlroy has finally ended his relationship with his long-term girlfriend, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki The world-class tennis player is said to be “absolutely devastated” by the Irish golfer’s decision, having recently made her intentions clear that she wanted to give the relationship another go. After the story originally appeared in the Sunday Independent, McIlroy denied the split in an attempt to placate his girlfriend and get the relationship back on track. But although he tried his best, friends say, the golfer has finally mind his made up.

“Yes they are over. It’s a difficult time for them both but it is for the best in the long run,” a source told the Sunday Independent. Friends say a photograph posted by Caroline on Twitter, which showed her boyfriend in a deep sleep, was one of the final straws for the number-one golfer. One source said: “Rory was very upset by it and even Serena Williams pointed out – albeit in a joking way – it was a pretty mean thing to do.”



First of all I don’t actually believe this story. Everyone is freaking out about it because they’re idiots. If you can’t see that this is a classic chick move then you’re a moron. Guy dumps girl because he’s bored and ready to fuck some strange, girl is heartbroken so she makes up a story to make it look like the guy is an immature asshole. Like I can see Caroline and her friends sitting in their sweatpants right now, drinking red wine and stuffing their face with ice cream. “Oh Rory is a child, he got mad over a tweet, this is all on him, he’s so immature, You’re a total catch, he’s doesn’t deserve you, you’re special, you’re different, you go girl! snaps!!!”. Don’t tell me that exact thing didn’t happen because it did.

But, if this is in fact true, I am 100% team Mcilroy. You don’t fuck with people when they’re sleeping. That’s something freshmen in college and NBA players on the team plane do. Normal adults over the age of 20 don’t do this. Sleeping is like the best thing in the world and that’s universally true, everyone agrees. So if you mess with people while they’re getting a little shut eye then you’re a dickhead, plain and simple. I don’t care if you have big tits and play tennis, a dickhead is a dickhead. Caroline Wozniacki can take a fucking hike.