Will Spags Post The Video Of The Homeless People Doing It?

Barstool is a cutthroat working environment as far as blogging material goes. Everybody bitches and complains about re-blogs so we try to keep that at a minimum now.

Yesterday I got a video sent to me by a stoolie of two homeless people fucking in the streets of San Fransico. Nothing too wild about that. Even the homeless gotta spread their seed. I’m not mad at em.

Homeless people fucking isnt my beat, tho. I know where my place is. I mean, you couldn’t even really see the guy’s dick so I wasn’t gonna blog about it. Spags, tho. That seemed like Spag’s beat.

Spags says that it’s two dudes fucking but I’m not so sure about that. I think the receiver is female but I’ll let you be the judge if Spags actually posts the blog which he absolutely will because homeless people fucking doggie style in the street is so obviously Spags’ wheelhouse that it hurts.