A Great White Tries To Join A Party Wave

I used to hated sharks. Two summers ago, in those long dog days of summer where not much goes on, I tracked pretty much every shark attack that happened on the East Coast…and they were happening every day. I really despised these sharks- they were going after children, grannies, and everyone in between. Just ruthless aggression from sharks when people were just trying to enjoy their time at the beach. And that’s when I completely changed my stance on sharks. They’re just trying to protect their house. Can’t blame them one bit for that.

And that’s the downside of being an extreme athlete. As a climber, there’s always the chance something goes wrong. I slip, I get hit by falling debris, my ropes get cut, there’s always danger. And as a surfer, the ocean can be very unforgiving. Surfers know that we are in the sharks home, rent free. If a shark wants to catch a wave or bite a leg, we are at his mercy.

I became a surf pro this Summer, and let me just tell you, surfing ain’t for the weak when you mix those monster waves and great white sharks.