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This Drunk Dude Trying To Get Out Of A Cardboard Box Brought Me Lots Of Joy

It’s been a shit couple of days for your boy. My bar across the street recently burned down, Yahoo got hacked so my identity is likely stolen, massive flood waters are rushing towards Cedar Rapids so I’m probably gonna die, my college football team lost to an FCS school and yesterday my internet was out for a solid 3 hours. It was the pits. Then on top of that a giant storm rolled through town and knocked out my electricity. It was like I was being punished for something. So I needed that. I needed to watch that drunk dude struggle to get out of a cardboard box. It’s the simple things. That guy being legit furious left me in tears of laughter. Not to mention it’s a known fact that a drunk dude with an accent is 400% funnier than a drunk dude without an accent. No doubt. That video was exponentially funnier because the guy talks funny. Did he ever get out? Or is he still somewhere just yelling at Marie while she giggles into the camera? I hope it’s the latter.